19 june 2013: Reading Monique Wittig at the Schwules Museum

« The great register is laid open the table. Every now and again one of them approches and writes something therein. It is difficult to inspect it because it is rarely available. Even then it is useless to open it at the first page and search for any sequence. One may take it at random and find something one is interested in. This may be very little. Diverse as the writings are they all have common feature. Not a moment passes without one of the women approaching to write something therein. Or else a reading aloud of some passage takes place. It may also happen that the reading occurs without any audience, save a fly that bothers the reader by settling on her temple. »

Les guérillères, 1969


Photo accueilBecause the words need to be reactivated often

And because ten years have passed

Let’s gather January 3 to read those of Monique Wittig,

On this date or another,

In Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Berlin, Montréal and elsewhere

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Make 2013 the great register of reading Monique Wittig

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